You ever get those moments when you think....man if I won the lottery what would I do with all that money?  I sometimes dream about it and make a mental inventory of what I would do and who I would I help.  I think this is probably a waste of time since I never play the lottery....but it is sometimes a nice diversion.

My list is nothing surprising.

1. Pay off all bills and house.
2. Buy Angela a new van.
3. Set aside trust fund for the kids.
4. Pay off Mom and Dad's bills.
5. Depending on how much I had - Give a lump sum to our parents, sisters, and brothers.
......and so on.

I am pretty sure winning a lot of money would be actually really terrible.  I imagine pining over who to give money and who you would not.  It would be so hard to know who your friends are and who just wanted a piece of what you had.

Maybe I am just being pessimistic....

The good side of this is.....I don'e ever plan on winning the lottery....so I know the friends I have...well they must be my friends because they want to be.  Count your blessings....I think that is the message. 


02/20/2017 11:58am

It is really hard to win in a lottery. But it's harder if you want to win in the lottery but you do not bet. Haha. Well, my friend used to play the lottery but he never won. He just quitted after some time. I wish I'd win in the lottery someday. But first, I'll buy a ticket. Hahaha. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!

10/27/2017 9:04am

It's not that bad to dream beyond your reach. I mean, I think it's good that you're setting your goals in life. The things that you want to achieve someday. The thing is, if that dream really means something to you, you would do anything to reach for it. No one could ever stop you from pursuing it. You won't just sit there all day, and do nothing but dream about it every time. You will take every risk you need to take just to follow it. That's how determined you need to be to achieve your dream.


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