Well 2013 is history and another year is upon me.  So much I intended to do in 2013 now stretches out in front of me for 2014.  I think I will share a list of things I hope to actually do this year.

  • Eat better and get more rest.
  • Get our home in order so my wife can relax.
  • Spend more quality time with the kids.
  • Go see a doctor and get a check up.
  • Work on my Volkswagen.
  • Spend more time reading the Bible.
  • Write.
  • Camp
  • Hike
  • Stop worrying about things out of my control.
  • Be a better friend to my wife.
  • Love my kids like there is no tomorrow.
  • Say YES more to my family more.

I hope that this year I really impact all of these at some level.....oh...and PRAY....so pray for me.


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