Hannah and I were talking the other day and Ezra walks up.....

Ezra to Hannah: "You're an Elf."

Hannah to Ezra: "You're a Dwarf!"

Ezra: "I am not a Dwarf....I am HOBO!  Wait....that's that right...Oh....I am HOBO WAGONS...."


Hannah: "HOBO WAGONS????"

Ezra: "Yeah...you know HOBO WAGONS.....Lord of the Rings...."



Ezra- GRINS....."YEAH...Bilbo Baggins!"

Love that kid!!!
So got to go see STAR WARS The Force Awakens this weekend.  It was really good.  I was not totally blown away by it but it was good.  Going to see the movie brought back so old memories.  I remember my dad taking me to STAR WARS a New Hope 7 times.  It is something that has stayed with me all these years.  Well 38 years later I watched the movie with my kids and little Miriam at my side.  She is 3 so she slept through half of of it...but it was sweet watching her and thinking I was 5 when I first saw Star Wars.  I still remember it today and wonder if she will remember it when she is 43.

Don't miss those moment with your kids.  Noah is 16 going on 17 in April.....where does the time go?

May the Force be with you......
You ever get those moments when you think....man if I won the lottery what would I do with all that money?  I sometimes dream about it and make a mental inventory of what I would do and who I would I help.  I think this is probably a waste of time since I never play the lottery....but it is sometimes a nice diversion.

My list is nothing surprising.

1. Pay off all bills and house.
2. Buy Angela a new van.
3. Set aside trust fund for the kids.
4. Pay off Mom and Dad's bills.
5. Depending on how much I had - Give a lump sum to our parents, sisters, and brothers.
......and so on.

I am pretty sure winning a lot of money would be actually really terrible.  I imagine pining over who to give money and who you would not.  It would be so hard to know who your friends are and who just wanted a piece of what you had.

Maybe I am just being pessimistic....

The good side of this is.....I don'e ever plan on winning the lottery....so I know the friends I have...well they must be my friends because they want to be.  Count your blessings....I think that is the message. 
My little one's love the movie FROZEN.  It is 12:02 and they are going on their second viewing.   I am not writing about Frozen I am writing about he joy I get seeing them sing and dance to the songs.  I get a kick out of the emotions they go through while watching it.  The giggles and the concern when someone is hurt.

Watching them makes me very aware that I can find joy in the little things.  I don't need a boat or new car to make me happy.  I just need my kids and a funny movie to be fulfilled.

I am thankful for all that I have been blessed with.  I am thankful every time Frozen rolls to credits and Miriam says "ET IT GO DADDY!!"....and I gladly restart the video.

Maybe we all need to ET IT GO more often. 



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Well 2013 is history and another year is upon me.  So much I intended to do in 2013 now stretches out in front of me for 2014.  I think I will share a list of things I hope to actually do this year.

  • Eat better and get more rest.
  • Get our home in order so my wife can relax.
  • Spend more quality time with the kids.
  • Go see a doctor and get a check up.
  • Work on my Volkswagen.
  • Spend more time reading the Bible.
  • Write.
  • Camp
  • Hike
  • Stop worrying about things out of my control.
  • Be a better friend to my wife.
  • Love my kids like there is no tomorrow.
  • Say YES more to my family more.

I hope that this year I really impact all of these at some level.....oh...and PRAY....so pray for me.
I have decided to do a little work on our home site.  I have had this domain for a good while but just have not had the time or the desire to work in it.

So....here is my first post of 2013.

I am trying to think of why anyone would want to read a BLOG...well my BLOG.  Who wants to hear about my Job?!?!....probably nobody since that is all I talk about.  I probably should stick to what I know and that is my family.

So the little ones, Ezra and Miriam, had us laughing so hard tonight.  They both were standing on two little step stools in the middle of the living room taking turns screaming the highest...shrillest screams you can imagine.  

The funny part was that when Miriam would scream one eye would partly close making her look like Popeye.  It's times like that even the highest...loudest scream...that normally makes you want to jump out of your skin...becomes so darn cute.

Night Y'all!  

Hugs and Kisses From- Mike and Family