I have decided to do a little work on our home site.  I have had this domain for a good while but just have not had the time or the desire to work in it.

So....here is my first post of 2013.

I am trying to think of why anyone would want to read a BLOG...well my BLOG.  Who wants to hear about my Job?!?!....probably nobody since that is all I talk about.  I probably should stick to what I know and that is my family.

So the little ones, Ezra and Miriam, had us laughing so hard tonight.  They both were standing on two little step stools in the middle of the living room taking turns screaming the highest...shrillest screams you can imagine.  

The funny part was that when Miriam would scream one eye would partly close making her look like Popeye.  It's times like that even the highest...loudest scream...that normally makes you want to jump out of your skin...becomes so darn cute.

Night Y'all!  

Hugs and Kisses From- Mike and Family